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Short statistics for SocksEscort:
  United States118
  Russian Federation17
  United Kingdom8
Total in SocksEscort: 634


Short statistics:
  United States3
  Russian Federation1
  United Kingdom1
Total external proxies: 209
Free socks:

In order to use our services, you need to pay for them.
We accept WebMoney, Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve, as well as an automatic form of payment through Exchanger RoboxChange.
First, you need to choose the convenient way of payment, as well as additional services that you wish to purchase.

Currently we have the following rates:

  • Per unit rate - $ 0.2 per share.
  • Daily rate - 1.8 $. Limited to 20 proxies.
  • Weekly rate - 9.8 $. Constraints of the 30 proxies per day.
  • Two weekly rate - 16.8 $. Constraints of the 30 proxies per day
  • Monthly fare - $ 30. Constraints of the 30 proxies per day.
  • Warning If you need to take more than 30 proxies. So for each proxy over the limit you will be deducted the time of Service (penalty time). For example, for each proxy extracted from 31 to 40, you will be deducted at 20 min time. 41 to 50 - to 30 minutes. 51 to 60 - to 40 minutes. And so on.
    For example: If you pay for a month completion time of 05.05 12:00. If any of the days that you take the 31 proxies, while the end of the tariff automatically becomes 05.05 11:40.

    Under these tariffs, if you take every day to 50 proxy (1500 per month), price per month will amount to ~ 40 $ / month
    60 per day - ~ 49 $ / month
    70 per day ~ 59 $ / month
    80 per day ~ 72 $ / month
    90 per day ~ 87 $ / month
    100 per day ~ $ 100 / month
    If you pay $ 30 and use 70/daily, your payment will expire in 15 days. On this you can pre-pay the required amount to use for a month.

    Also, the system of discounts:
    If the sum of all your payments exceeds
    $ 200 - discount on charges 5%
    500 $ - 10%
    more than $ 1000 - $ 15

    Regular customers can always count on our support, we will automatically provide with credit services (total payment history must be over $ 100) More information via technical support’s ICQ.
    Moneyback is possible at any time. Including used days. All cases are dealt in private via technical support’s ICQ.

    Login first.

    ATTENTION! Our services are no longer supports the program SocksEscort2.

    Support and maintenance program will now be at:

    For more information please contact with support.

    Choose a tariff plan:
    Only extra services
    Enter the proxy amount (minimal 5):
    1.8$ per day
    9.8$, 1.4$ per day
    16.8$, 1.2$ per day
    30$, 1$ per day
    60$, 1$ per day
    90$, 1$ per day
    Specify if you want extra services to be connected:
    Days: 0.25$ per day (not available for individual tariff)
    Days: 0.35$ per day (no proxy subscription is required)
    Select your preferred method of payment:
    * - given time is valid, provided that you will take no more 30 proxies a day. If you take more account period of validity will decrease, according to our tariffs.
    Support contacts: 3740554, 558468885
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