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Total external proxies: 201
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: ANSWER: is complex of services for maintenance of safe, anonymous work in the Internet.

QUESTION: What tariffs do you have?
ANSWER: All tariffs are located on page payment.
QUESTION: What programs are better for using to work with SOCKS 4/5?
ANSWER: you can use any programs which support work under report SOCKS 4/5. For example: Freecap, Proxifier, Sockscap etc.

QUESTION: I have paid service, but Socks 4/5 does not work. Why?
ANSWER: You dont have to panic and not to confuse Socks 4/5 and HTTP Proxy. It is possible to address this question ICQ support, or you can find out screenshots you how you should register. HTTP Proxy it is entered here:

And Socks 4/5 here (Advanced):

QUESTION: How I can pay your services?
ANSWER: Very simply actually. To begin it is necessary to register, then you will get possibility of payment of the tariff convenient for you in the navigation menu Payment.
QUESTION: Can I buy at once the list of all of yours Socks servers?
ANSWER: No, we do not sell the list of socks. It is also forbidden to gather pages (a considerable quantity for small time) and to use scripts for collection of socks.

QUESTION: Do you have demo access to Socks?
The ANSWER: Yes, you can address us in ICQ and we will make a demo access for you.
QUESTION: I have paid access to service, but I can not understand how it works.
ANSWER: To begin it is necessary to login. Press the upper menu Proxies. We see the list of the countries (the list of the countries is customised in section Show settings) press the country necessary for you. Further you see the list of cities or states of the USA, press the necessary section and receive the list in the form of IP 68.108.217. ***, for example. Press your IP and to the right see working Socks in format IP : Port. See the screenshot.

QUESTION: What kinds of search do you have in a database?
The ANSWER: IP mask (127.0.0.), hostname mask, minimal online time (minute), maximal response time (ms), in country (the list of the countries). Further additional kinds of search will be added.

QUESTION: how does your support service work and how to address it?
ANSWER: support service works through ICQ, you can see the numbers in the bottom of the screen. Also you can take advantage of section Feedbacks for a feedback.

QUESTION: How I can pay? What payment systems do you work with?
ANSWER: We work with Webmoney, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney.

QUESTION: Why are there discrepancies in correspondence of the city specified for you for Socks and other systems for check?
ANSWER: small discrepancies in different GeoIP bases are possible. We use base maxmind, as it more exact and the most popular.

QUESTION: How can I see the rest of Socks in my account?
ANSWER: There is statistics of your account in the left part of the menu. Such statistics is not necessary for unlimited accounts.

QUESTION: How can I change the password for the account?
ANSWER: knock in ICQ support, we will change it for you.
Support contacts: 3740554, 558468885
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