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Short statistics for SocksEscort:
  United States95
  United Kingdom9
Total in SocksEscort: 480


Short statistics:
  United States2
Total external proxies: 203
Free socks:


ATTENTION! Our services are no longer supports the program SocksEscort2.

Support and maintenance program will now be at:

For more information please contact with support.


Before starting the program, make sure that no other socksifing programm running (proxifier, freecap etc).

On WinXP you need to update. NET Framework to version at least 3.5sp1 (Update it by this link.). A detailed manual is in the folder with the program Manual / manual.html


The general form of the program:


  The program can work with your socks. Available functions such as checking for Black, location, speed, and so on.

Tab Proxies - Own proxies. .

  To work with our socks must enter the username and password from the service.

The settings chosen for the country, included panel and set to automatically log in to your account at startup.


  The work program is based on the profiles.

Default profile - there are all the running programs.

1. If you need socksificate the all system (all running application), you need to set up socks on Default profile. (Click on the selected Socks Obtain to Default profile)


You can disable socksifing on each program individually.

Profiles - Default profile - Stop socksifing


Also, for each program available the following settings:

  • Use remote dns - use socks dns on current application

  • Change language - use socks language on current application

  • Change system time - use socks time on current application

  • Childrens inherit settings - automatically socksificate processes generated by the main program (for example for IE automatically socksificate flash, java, etc)


Each profile has the following settings:

  • Port - port

  • Socksifing applications - if you dont need to socksifing application in this profile change settings to NO

  • Blocking the connections without proxy - If you want to block connection of all application in current profile without proxy or when proxy offile change setting to Yes


2. If you do not need to socksificate all application in the system, you need to put at the default profile Blocking the connections without proxy NO.

3. If you want to socksificate separate program, then you need to create a new profile - Create New profile and move it into the program from the Default profile and after you need to put socks on a new profile. (Click on the selected Sox Obtain to New profile).


The program can also operate as a previous version of the escort (profile = gate), each profile has a port, access to the socks on these ports through port, such as


For example:

If you're running multiple virtual machines, it is convenient to run the program on the main system (if you do not need socksification primary system, then you need to Profiles - Profile manager switch off socksify of default profile.

(Socksifing applications NO, Blocking the connections without proxy NO)

Under each virtual machine better to create own profile.

On the virtual system you should put in proxifier or directly in the browser as socks5 internal IP of main system (eg and port of profile. For example, after application on the virtual system will work through the Sox set to the specified profile.

Support contacts: 3740554, 558468885
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